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quotation markEmployee benefit administration is an increasingly complex and costly area for employers. We work to keep it simple and cost effective for every firm and person we help each day, and we’ll do the same for you.   Jason Mackey

Cover your employees

Looking for ways to increase profitability? A new employee is seldom as productive as one who knows your business inside and out... and is happy on the job. two people In a recent survey, 83% of employees said benefits are a factor in remaining at their current employer. Find out more.

Protect your business

A Minnesota man was awarded $113,000 by a US district court after his former employer failed to send him a required COBRA notice. Why? The manager in padlock charge of such notices was interrupted by a colleague as she prepared it, and it was forgotten. Let us help you avoid penalties.

Look after yourself

Don’t forget about yourself while you’re taking care of your employees! From innovative retirement plan options you might not have heard about elsewhere toan I symbol international trip insurance, we’re here to make sure you’re looked after, too. Give yourself a little TLC.